Have you already planned your next adventure?

Here at Miomojo, we are all about ethics and aesthetics, having an unabating fascination with design. Right now, we are dreaming about our next destinations and of course, we are always on the lookout for places that are beautiful yet which also reflect our integrities. Below are three destinations, perfect for the mindful design lover.

– Mother Earth Vegan Hotel, Costa Rica, America

Mother Earth Vegan Hotel is a family-run boutique hotel that offers a vegan restaurant, a rooftop yoga studio and a natural saltwater pool. Need we say more? We could add that the hotel is also committed to sustainability and is powered by solar energy, has a zero-waste pledge in the restaurant and a water-conservation system that recycles greywater into clean water for irrigation.

Even though we could gladly just spend all our time at this fantastic hotel (we can already see ourselves sunbathing, sipping on the best vegan wine, tasting the most delicious food, taking a yoga class …), Costa Rica itself also offers a lot – we would love to lose ourselves on the expansive beaches, hiking volcanoes and exploring the extensive biodiversity in its natural habitat.

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– Koukoumi Vegan Boutique Hotel, Mykonos, Greece

In the heart of Mykonos is the Koukoumi Vegan Boutique Hotel, a peaceful sanctuary for sophisticated travellers. Here, you can delight in healthy and harmonious accommodation, sumptuous vegan food, a spa offering only cruelty-free, vegan products and treatments, as well as a dreamy pool.

Mykonos is Greece’s most famous cosmopolitan island, a whitewashed paradise in the heart of the Cyclades, featuring turquoise seas and golden beaches. All elements feel as though they are in perfect harmony, in a place in which you can be immersed in healing nature, discover your inner self and recharge your energy.

It is here that renowned architect Le Corbusier, inspired by the austere beauty of the buildings and the landscape, said “whatever architecture had to say, it is said here.”

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esempi di nomi fallimentari di brand o prodotti

– Agriturismo Biologico Sant’Egle, Tuscany, Italy

Not a beach person? Luckily, Italy has a range of landscapes to suit everyone. In Tuscany, there is an Italian agritourism, winner of the prize “Luxury Eco-resort 2019”, surrounded by greenery and offering organic food, bio shopping and meditation classes. If you are looking for a full “reconnection with nature” experience, this is the destination for you.

Tuscany is replete with cities of art and picturesque villages with a huge cultural heritage. We also love the area for its captivating landscapes, bucolic countryside and rolling hills.

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esempi di nomi fallimentari di brand o prodotti

Nowadays there are plenty of wonderful eco-chic destinations to choose from, where beauty goes hand-in-hand with an ethical lifestyle. Exactly what we love.