Ready to go back to…?

This is the period when we are all heading back to the office/school/our daily routine. Hence, we have selected apparels that reflect our ethics and style and that we hope can inspire you. Welcome to the first Miomojo conscious look.

esempi di nomi fallimentari di brand o prodotti

– Bag: Miomojo  

It’s our Isotta bag made from Corn Leather, an innovative, certified organic-based material from corn, made in Italy. A minimalist design, a warm caramel colour and bold light gold details. The perfect bowler bag to take all your personal effects with you and add a special touch to the overall look. 

– Earrings: Akind

These hoops are minimalistic, yet they make a bold statement. Snug, contemporary, with an elegant effect when added to any studs. Handcrafted in 100% recycled 14K solid gold, so you can hold on to them forever.

– Watch: Votch  

A classically striking timepiece made with vegan friendly leather. The straps can be interchanged, so you can update your look quickly and easily. Did you know the brand is cruelty-free and also uses AppleSkin, just like we do? 

– Trench Coat: BITE Studios  

Here’s a classic belted trench coat in waterproof organic cotton. The evergreen piece by definition. Its details are inspired by classic trench coats and it is purposefully oversized, inspired by a men’s silhouette. BITE is a womenswear label with a mission to create uncompromisingly sustainable yet thoughtfully designed clothes. What’s more, each piece is hand crafted.

– Shirt: Net-a-porter

The perfect classy shirt to match many different looks, from casual to chic; made of organic cotton. Like all of the brand’s basics, it is designed with a timeless silhouette and lasting quality. 

– Trousers: COS

Crafted from organic cotton, these high waisted, wide leg trousers are perfect for keeping it simple and stylish at the same time. In its goal to become a climate positive brand, 76% of COS materials were sustainably sourced in 2020. Keep going!

– Sneakers: Stella McCartney  

Stella’s Sneakers Loop are inspired by a casual look with a cool feminine touch. Chunky rubber soles are the style staple for the next autumn season. Stella McCartney is a pioneer of ethical fashion, always ahead of her time.

– Phone Case: Agood 

Deliciously yellow bananas on a blue and white tile floor. The contrast and composition of this beautiful piece of art is what does it for us. This unique cover is made from… plants! Each pattern of this colourful collection (created by Berlin-based up-and-coming artist Bings’ collaboration with the brand Agood) is thoughtfully designed after a real life oil painting hanging in an art gallery.

– Bottle: 24Bottles

24Bottles® is the Italian design brand with the aim of reducing the impact of disposable plastic bottles on the planet and our lives. Their Urban Bottle is made of lightweight stainless steel and its opaque stone finish is extremely resistant, adding consistency and an incredibly accurate stone-like texture.

– Lunchbox: Umami 

This lunchbox, with its genuine bamboo top lid, is the essential accessory for meals on-the-go. Umami is an environmentally responsible brand. Like its Japanese definition, UMAMI means “tasty” and represents the fifth flavour in gastronomy, complementing bitter, sour, sweet and salty.

– Pot: Leaf and Clay

The ‘Doodle’ pot is a fun little succulent pot with semi-transparent white glaze and a funky relief pattern. A slow grower, Bolivicereus cristata’s form is the result of a genetic defect to the apical meristem of the plant, leading to the intriguing wave-like shape of this exceptional plant.

We are nuts about this fresh, still stylish look and accessories! Do you like them?