We have a blog!

Now, you are probably wondering “why are these folks at Miomojo writing a blog?”.

Yes, we are finally at the stage when we need to start a blog. To be fair, we tried to do so in the past but as a small team, we just couldn’t manage to be consistent. As usual, we were too optimistic!

Now our team is a tiny bit bigger and the time has come! Why do we need another blog, though? Well, do we? Undoubtedly, we are all experiencing an overload of information so we don’t really need another blog. BUT … we will do our best to be BRIEF, ENTERTAINING, INSPIRING and also to provide some content that might interest you. Challenging!

Let’s start with our brand name: Miomojo. What’s that about? Is it just a creative name? Does it actually mean something?

Well, back in 2012, Miomojo was about to be launched and Claudia – the founder – was asking her friends all around the world for suggestions for a good name. It had to be catchy, inspiring, meaningful but also easy to spell and it had to sound good in every language.

Most importantly, it should not result in terrible misunderstandings. Here is just one of the many: have you ever heard of the car Mazda Laputa? It was a Suzuki vehicle produced from 1999 to 2006 and it was totally a flop in Spanish-speaking countries. Why? Well, “La Puta” means “The Wh*re” in Spanish. Argh! Does anyone want to drive a car with that kind of name? If the answer is yes … well, maybe you “need to sort out your priorities”, to borrow from Ron Weasley.

esempi di nomi fallimentari di brand o prodotti

We certainly didn’t want to make a similar mistake! So, Claudia kept searching until a NZ friend of hers, while brainstorming, said: “So, you want a name with your mojo in it”. “My mojo? What’s that?” she replied. “Let me show you …” and he sent over this video below.

Yes, we want that feeling! After more research, we found out that the word “mojo” in English indicates that particular, magical, energetic state you are in when you feel that you can make every dream come true. Wow, that sounded perfect!

We also discovered that in a South African dialect “mojo” means “lucky bag” –  a coincidence? Naaah, coincides don’t exist. So it must be a sign from the universe! Now, how could we make it sound Italian though? Our Italian heritage is very important to us … so, my mojo … mio (Italian for “my”) mojo … Miomojo!

How does our name sound to you? We’d love to read your comments and find out if it resonates with something in your own languages.

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With love,
Miomojo Team